503-10-20 Raziel is brought back to the land of the living by the Elf, Coroliss

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October 20, 503

After a few days of walking the village singing a strangely entrancing song, the Elf, Coroliss, appears within the castle's inner courtyard to perform an ancient ceremony to put the life back into the recently murdered Duke Regent.

Addison looks up at Eremis and then to Coroliss, nodding quickly as she moves to the side of the first. She turns once at Eremis' side to look back at Cololiss curiously, keeping all questions to herself for the moment.

Eremis draws back from a small, silver-shaded tree, and Addison moves with him. They stand and wait as a white-clad and singing Coroliss bears the similarly clothed body of the Mistian Duke across the courtyard.

Coroliss continues to sing that song as he carries the carefully wrapped body in the direction of the tree. Here in the light of the setting sun, that around the Elf does not diminish. Numerous flowers and twisting vines spring up from the ground where he walks. And when he reaches that young oak tree, he stops singing and crouches down with little effort to place the form upon the ground beneath it, a bed of the same flowering vines sprouts up to cushion the body. Coroliss then takes to his knees to the side of the body, bending forward to rest is head briefly upon the verdant ground, his blue hair falling in waves around his features for that time. The echo of the Song remains stirring within the courtyard, even well after the Elf stops actively singing it.

Isinglass is drawn to song, his easel packed up along his back and the rest of his supplies tucked under one arm. Here for research, he then becomes enraptured by the scene, straight from myth, that is playing out. He swallows, then keeps back towards the entrance to the courtyard so that he may observe and not interrupt the magic and ritual.

Addison draws back a little more so that she's almost standing behind Eremis, watching the elf with wide, almost unblinking eyes. Her gaze drops briefly to the wrapped body though it doesn't linger long, seeming to be quickly drawn back to the Elf.

Eremis's long laced fingers lift to his features and he presses steepled index fingers against his lips. The ruddy light of the setting sun is unable to taint the silver of his eyes. He breathes slowly and in time with the lingering melody, and he watches Coroliss with a very small and bittersweet smile.

When Coroliss lifts his head from the grass, he reaches within his robe and draws forth a bottle of clear liquid. His voices words of a language unknown in this realm, but the words are warm and lovely nonetheless. The bottle is opened and poured slowly along the length of the shrouded body, a slight shimmer in the air starting to form around both Elf and Dead Person. There is magic heavy in the air, but light at the same time. This is a joyful ceremony, a sharing of life. There is not one thing about it that can be said to be of darkness.

As Coroliss raises the magic in the courtyard, the young sacred tree begins to glow with a pure, clean silver light.

Addison is transfixed, standing motionless and seemingly unable to turn her attention away from the elf and the cloth wrapped duke.

Eremis continues to consider the elf and nothing else. It is as if Coroliss has cast an enchantment of hypnosis as well as the light wonder that the Elf brings forth. He taps the steepled fingers against his lips, but otherwise he remains still.

Isinglass rips his dark eyes to Addison for a moment, just trying to figure who this stranger of a young woman is, but he cannot deny the power of the scene and so he returns to regard Coroliss once more, soaking it in and trying to will himself to remember it. This is a moment he can tell about for a long time!

Again through the chanting, the liquid is poured onto the material that covers the form of the Duke Regent. At least, it could be the Duke Regent, as the whole figure is wrapped carefully. Pale hands move elegantly over the body as he continues the words of whatever magic he is weaving for a few moments. They come to rest upon the chest of the man, bending forward to rest his forehead between his hands upon Raziel's form.

If Addison has even noticed the presence of Isinglass, she's made no indication of it, seeming to only have eyes for the Elf and the currently late duke.

Eremis tilts his head back and no longer watches Coroliss. He chooses to gaze at the sky above and draw in the peace of the firmament. He draws his linked hands down his neck and rests them upon his chest.

Duke Raziel remains still, lifeless. There might be a twitch of motion from him, but it could just be from Coroliss' hands, and the springiness of the 'bed' which has grown to support him. The body thereafter is still, shrouded.

The castle's interior courtyard is becoming slowly suffused with the pure, silver-white light that spills from the small oak tree. At its foot, Coroliss rests his forehead upon the chest of a white-wrapped body, his hands pressing at either side of his head. The air and plants still ring with echoes of the Elf's voice, and the greenery is thick with the life of that song. Eremis and Addison stand to one side and watch in silence, and Isinglass is near the courtyard entrance doing much the same for the wondrous events unfolding. Windows about the courtyard are open, faces pressed to watch and listen, and even the castle guards are transfixed by the magic.

Coroliss lifts his head once more, though his hands remain upon the form of the Duke Regent. Up to the color-streaked sky his features lift, though with closed eyes. His is a look of intense concentration, though mixed with the joy of life that flows through him. After a moment, where his hands rest starts to glow in an aureate light. The area warms soothingly, like a loving embrace. Bathed in the added light of the silver oak, the Elf starts his slow song again. The light from his hands starts to slowly surround the wrapped form on the ground until it is completely surrounded by the golden brightness.

Isinglass is furthest away when Phoebe and Trahearn come in, standing just off to the side of the entryway and apparently just honored to be witness to the great event.

Baroness Regent Phoebe Forester and Baron Trahearn Conway arrive arm-in-arm, though for the keen eyed, Phoebe is a little closer than a standard escort. Her grip on Trahearn's arm is a little tighter as the woman shields her eyes with one hand that slowly pulls off of Trahearn's arm and helps her to see through the white light. Phoebe's lips purse slightly as she watches, and listens, moving towards the opposing side of the entryway as Isinglass.

The normally glib Baron of Trebachas is distinctly somber as he arrives, arm in arm with the Baroness Regent. After she disengages herself from his arm, he stands behind her, near and perhaps protective, likewise using a hand to shield his eyes from the light. He is rapt as he watches the Elf, barely daring to breathe.

Addison manages to pull her gaze away for the briefest of moments to look up at Eremis, and then it's back on the Elf again.

Beneath the pure white shroud, now covered and bathed in the blissful silver light of either the silver oak he once planted here, or the magic of Coroliss, the body of the Duke Regent begins to stir. A movement here. A rise, and fall of a chest, as if a first breath was taken.

Eremis, too, keeps his face angled to the sky. He draws a deep breath when Coroliss resumes singing.

Although the season is wrong for it, a breeze of warmth and summer stirs the courtyard and brushes against the plants and people.

Phoebe presses slightly back towards Trahearn, and as the body of Raziel begins to stir, Phoebe takes a breath. Phoebe's quiet as she watches, her gaze flicking back and forth between Coroliss, Eremis, Isinglass, Addison, Raziel, back to Corliss, keeping that hand to shield her eyes from the white aura of magic.

Isinglass widens his mortal eyes at the first sign of life and he brings one hand up to cover his shocked mouth. He soon seems to be quite affected by the revival, and noticing that Phoebe and Trahearn are here as well, he's suddenly very self-conscious of himself and his reactions. He ducks his head a little, shielding his face with a veil of back hair, and he brings his other hand up to hide the side of his face that is visible.

As the light continues to glow around the form in front of the Elf, it seems the light around the Elf himself starts to fade. Even so, he continues his song with a strong voice, calling his magics to him. Features that were once bathed in the light of both the setting sun and the silver oak bow forward, shielding them from view. The Elf grows weaker, this much is obvious. His song, however, remains the same to the very end. Even when Coroliss stops singing, the sound of it lingers within the courtyard, along with the glow of the tree, and that around the now-breathing Duke. It is the light that fades before the song does, and Coroliss's hands slide from Raziel's chest with slow, lethargic movements. Despite his apparent weakness from this grand act of revival, he does move to carefully unwrap Raziel's head from within the confines of the shroud. "My friend," he whispers softly, a slump to his form that is rarely seen. "I give you life. I give you myself."

A word, something too low for any but perhaps Phoebe to hear, comes from the lips of Trahearn at the movement from Raziel's body, and the hand not busy shielding his eyes goes to the waist of the Baroness Regent before him. A sentiment not often seen on the baron's features is visible: absolute wonder.

Phoebe gives a twitch of her lips for a moment before turning her head and whispering quietly to Trahearn, though the Ice Princess doesn't pull away from the arm around her waist, turning and watching the display silently, her expression neutral, and perhaps that alone is done through countless years of practice.

Eremis looks down from the sky's emptiness and watches the light about the elf and the duke. He unlaces his fingers and steps forward to stand only a pace behind Coroliss. He mutters to Coroliss.

The twitch in Phoebe's lips is matched on Trahearn's, but he doesn't turn to look at her, fixated as he is on the events unfolding with the Elf and Duke Regent together.

Addison starts just a little as Eremis moves away from her, her gaze lifting from the Elf and moving Eremis' back for a moment. Of course she doesn't let her gaze drift from the Elf and the Duke for long, watching the two with absolute wonder.

At those words, Raziel's eyes flicker slowly open. He blinks, once, twice, and inhales a sharp breath, as if suddenly aware he /is/ actually alive. Wonder. Confusion. These are the two main expressions that are plastered upon the revived Duke's features. "Coroliss?" he asks, as if utterly uncertain, as he looks up into the face of the blue-haired elf.

Phoebe moves back a step, watching Eremis and the Elf, the blue haired elf for several moments before it's back to Raziel's features. Phoebe presses her lips together for a moment or two before she leans against Trahearn, silent.

Bella comes into the courtyard, carrying a large cloth bag. Her two guards are with her. As she enters, though, she stops, her eyes widen at the silvery light and the sense of magic everywhere. Looking towards the small group gathered, she gasps as she sees Duke Raziel, come back to life before her eyes. Her gaze then goes to the elf, her eyes full of wonder as she looks at him.

The wonder has faded a bit from Trahearn's countenance, becoming instead a respectful, watchful sort of expression, while he holds Phoebe close against him. Most of his attention now centers on Raziel, although now and again he glances at the Elf, pensive.

Coroliss rests there upon his knees for a long moment, his hair hanging toward the ground. It's as if he is trying to regain his breath, but cannot seem to. This Elf is a weakened elf. the glow of life that he had upon entering the courtyard carrying the body has faded considerably. "I leave you in the care of your own kind now, Raziel," he says. "For it is time for me to rest." Aware of Eremis behind him, he looks over his shoulder, murmuring something in what has to be his native tongue. Only then does he start to rise to his feet, reaching a hand out to Eremis for support.

Phoebe watches the exchange of Raziel, Eremis and Coroliss for several long moments. The movement in the corner of her eye gains the attention to flick towards Bella before it's back to Raziel without pause. Phoebe watches life be restored to the Mistian Duke. Phoebe watches Coroliss, before she tips her head, slowly, reverently. Her voice, soft and quiet, "Thank you, Master Coroliss.." though it's barely a whisper and likely unheard by anyone in the courtyard save perhaps Trahearn beside her.

Eremis sighs through his nose and bends to scoop up the elf as lightly and easily as if Coroliss weighed no more than the shroud Raziel is still half-wrapped in. He answers Coroliss in a low growl of similar language, but from him the language of elves sounds heavy and burdened. "Remember his sacrifice," he says to Raziel. He turns and steps away with Coroliss held in his arms.

Isinglass backs up against the wall completely, then slides down it until he's sitting on the ground with his knees drawn up and his hands shielding his emotional face from view. Whatever is going on with Isinglass, all emo-style, he's trying to keep it hid while avoiding all the dramatics of running away while swinging his arms and the like.

Duke Raziel nods, only dimly, as if he were still trying to figure out exactly what happened. As he attempts to get up? Well, the shroud is still wrapped over his body, and he finds himself restrained in a light fashion. He only nods some, to Eremis. "Always," he returns.

Bella finally comes out of her enchanted stupor as the elf rises to his feet. Seeing his weakened condition, an expression of concern crosses the midwife's face. She makes her way towards Eremis and the elf, and says to Eremis, "Is there anything I can do to help, Eremis?" in a bit of an awed tone, as she glances down at the elf in the man's arms.

There is nothing else from the Elf as he goes limp within the arms of Eremis. Not dead - certainly not that drastic. There is life within him yet. Just really drained of energy.

Trahearn brushes a kiss against Phoebe's temple before loosing his arm and stepping forward. After clearing his throat, he says to the duke regent, "Probably a good idea to stay there a moment, old friend." But whatever else he had to say is squelched by Coroliss' collapse.

Phoebe watches Trahearn move away, and the Baroness Regent has a cool gaze upon the man, then upon Raziel. Not a word escapes her lips as she begins to walk forward, moving towards the opposing side of Raziel as she begins to slowly unwrap his torso from the funeral shroud.

Duke Raziel gives a half-smile to Phoebe, "Hey," he greets her, quietly. Soberly. Then, he looks to Eremis and Coroliss. Just - watching them, unsure of /what/ to say, really. But, the appreciation in his eyes can't be fathomed.

Eremis pauses as Bella speaks to him. "No. He has chosen what he will surrender parts of himself for. Such sacrifices are often required to fight great evil, and to gift the world with hope." He nods his head to her gently. "His only healing now is rest and peace, and the songs of his people and nature."

A spill of knights precede Rourke and Mena into the courtyard. Their hands are linked, and both appear to have been hurrying. Rourke's breathing is fast as he tries to catch his breath and look about quickly, having followed the story that he was tod.

Raziel is in some sort of stirring from consciousness fashion, Phoebe is presently unwrapping his torso, Trahearn is on the otherside. Eremis is carrying an unconscious Coroliss, while speaking to Bella who has approached the man. Isinglass stands near the entry way, furthest from the action. Addison is near to the opposing corner.

Bella gazes down at the elf lying in Eremis' arms, an understanding expression on her face as Eremis explains. "Alright, Eremis. Good luck to you," she says, as she reaches out, tentatively, to brush her hand against the elf's chest for a moment. She then turns, looking curiously at Phoebe, then at Trahearn. Her eyes finally settle on Isinglass, against the wall, her brow furrowing a bit.

Addison hesitantly moves forward towards the duke, doubting as if she can do much, though still she offers softly, "If there is anything I can do to help.." She looks over as the knights arrive with the royal couple, to whom she quickly curtsies to.

Isinglass is actually sort of huddled now, overcome with relief but not comfortable expressing in a way that might draw any attention away from the great sacrifice made.

Phoebe murmurs faintly to Raziel. "Good evening, my Leige. It is good to see you awake..." Phoebe says, pausing in the unwrapping for the moment, only unwrapping the man down to his midriff, to given a little freedom of movement to his arms and neck. Phoebe glances up at the Imperial Entourage, giving a slight curtsey from her current vantage point, though she does not physically address them.

And Mena does follow Rourke out, having that same hurried look upon her. She does much the same, looking about the courtyard until her gaze falls upon Raziel. She just stares for a moment before her gaze turns toward Eremis and Coroliss. There is quite a bit of emotion in her eyes as she speaks to Eremis. "Thank you. And our thanks to Master Coroliss."

Coroliss remains unresponsive in the arms of Eremis.

Duke Raziel is mostly bare, save for his undergarments, and he still seems full of confusion. As his eyes track Eremis, and Coroliss, he ultimately aspies the Imperial Entourage. "Eremis," he says quietly. Though, the Duke Regent seems to want nothing. The word is said as much a thank you as anything could ever be. A promise, perhaps, within the name spoken.

Trahearn helps with Raziel where needed, although the arrival of the Imperial Majesties gains his attention at once. He sketches a bow to them, which for the Guardian baron is a profound show of respect.

Rourke takes a fast inventory of everything, his jaw falling open as he notices the movement of Raziel. He swallows tightly and slowly turns his attention to the elf and his carrier. "Master Eremis. Master Coroliss," he says softly. "I have no words to thank you."

Trailing behind the Imperial couple, a gaunt Baron Forester blinks as he stares at the not-dead Duke. He appears somewhat lost for words and stands there, eyes narrowing before he glances between the two unusual individuals, frowning. He looks over towards Bella and makes his way around the courtyard, though he looks back at Duke Raziel.

Eremis starts for the exit again but finds teh way blocked by the imperial couple. He nods slowly to them. "It is not me to thank. All honor belongs to Coroliss." His silveron eyes watch Rourke with caution, and then he steps aside to depart with his precious burden.

Phoebe leaves Raziel half-unwrapped from the funeral shroud before taking a step back. Her voice is quiet, as Phoebe murmurs, "I suggest, my leige, that you visit the breath soon.." Phoebe says in a faint whisper to the Duke of Mists, before she pulls away from the prone, once-dead Duke of Mists and glances around before walking towards the edge of the castle, away from the cluster of individuals.

Bella catches sight of the royal couple then, and just as she is about to curtsey to them, she spots Phaeton. A look of relief and worry comes over her, and the young midwife rushes over to him. Dropping her heavy bag on the ground, she wraps her arms around him, if allowed. "Phaeton! Darling, I was so worried!" she says.

Eremis and Coroliss do not actually depart via the opening to the castle. Eremis steps toward some of the green plants and whispers to them, and it is in this fashion that the pair disappear.

Isinglass suddenly stands, still hiding his face, and heads out of the courtyard upon the arrival of so many friends and nobles, heading to who knows where! Ah, he's an emotional sort, this one!

Duke Raziel hears Phoebe, that much is certain. He mutely nods to her, though it could be just an affirmation of her words, rather than agreement to the wisdom therein. He watches Eremis, and Coroliss a moment or three longer, before feeling his face. His chest. His heartbeat. Then, he closes his eyes and inhales, slowly. Savouring the breath. When he opens them, to find the two gone, he offers a quiet, and subdued, "Your Majesties." He pauses. "It seems that news of my death has been greatly exaggerated," with a somber note. "All I remember is ...," he shakes his head, expelling the breath. "No. I'll speak of that later."

Phaeton smiles slightly, hugging Bella back with a sigh, "I'm fine. SOrry to have worried you, love." He glances back at the mostly-naked Duke with a very deep frown before shaking his head. He smiles faintly, "Well, this is..interesting. Are you alright, Bella? Apparently I missed something impressive."

Thumb stuck in his belt, Trahearn suggests to Raziel, "Really, you should consider resting and then spilling your guts." Then, an eye cast in Phoebe's direction, he glances at the Emperor and Empress, offers a final half-bow, and moves to follow the lady.

Mena remains at the side of the Emperor, her hand in his. She seems to be stunned into silence, just looking around with wonder.

Rourke remains rooted in place, his hand tight upon Mena's and a shifting to his tight jaw. He sucks in a deep breath, tight muscles in his neck, and he lifts Mena's hand to press it to his lips.

Phoebe walks out of the courtyard without looking back to those in it.

"As much as we look forward to hearing your tale, Your Grace," Mena says after a clearing of her throat to Raziel, "Perhaps you should find some rest, first. Coming back from the dead is.... I'm sure.. a tiring affair."

Bella smiles warmly at Phaeton, and says, "I'm fine, Phaeton. And yes, very impressive. I got here just at the end." She gives him another gentle hug. "Let's go someplace quiet, darling. You look like you could use a good meal and friendly ear. Shall we go to my apartment? Less traffic there than in the tower."

Addison merely watches the cluster of people from a small distance, keeping herself out of the way of everyone else.

Phaeton smiles softly and nods at his Consort, "Yes, that would be nice. Would you excuse me for just a moment though? I would like..a brief word with his Majesty, time permitting." His face sets slightly and he looks over at the couple, "But yes, that sounds..good to me. We can head there in just a tic." His voice raises just a tad then, "Keeper? I'd appreciate a private moment of your time in the very near future."

Bella gives Phaeton a smile. "Of course, darling. I'll be here when you're ready. I have some things I brought for Addison, so I'll do that while you're with the Emperor," she says.

Rourke finally focuses upon Raziel and he nods slowly. "As Mena says, you'll speak of it -much- later," he states firmly. "Now, let's see about getting you helped along." He nods to a couple of the knights with him, and the men move to assist Raziel. Then he glances at Phaeton and nods once. "Very near indeed, Baron. I'm sure."

Duke Raziel nods once, slowly to Mena. "It is, and is not. I feel -," he shakes his head, his voice soft, unusual for it's tone, "Pure." It's the only word he can come up with after fumbling for one. But, his displeasure at the word seems to suggest he doesn't feel it fits very well. "It is good," he says in that same tone, quieted humbleness, "To be - alive. Back." He closes his eyes, bowing to the room. Mostly, to the Imperials. When the Knights come over, they get no resistance from Raziel, whatsoever.

Mena does watch Raziel, stepping subtly closer to Rourke as she does so. As the man bows, she does incline her head, practicing silence once more.

The Emperor keeps brushing his thumb across the back of Mena's fingers as he says, abruptly and as if he's just letting the concept sink in, "They just brought someone back from the dead." He looks Raziel over and, with slightly bright eyes, quips, "You hardly seem to have decomposed at all."

Addison looks up as she hears her name, smiling a little bit at Bella and lifting a hand to give the woman a small wave. She doesn't move from her spot though, not wishing to interrupt she and Phaeton.

Even in this most amazing of moments, Mena smirks slightly at Rourke's quip.

It may be that Raziel lost a few days to death, but, it doesn't seem to have sullied his wits any. His response to Rourke is quick, "I'll try to decompose better, next time, Majesty." He offers ROurke a tired, but honest sort of smile.

"I will refrain from getting into all sorts of tacky, tasteless jests about musicians and composers and decomposition, but only in honor of this occasion, Raziel," Rourke murmrus, smiling a bit. "Should we get you to the infirmary? Is there a need for that?"

Phaeton nods at Rourke briefly, "Good." is his only response. He has a smile for Bella though and chuckles, "Alright, that sounds like a good idea, lass. I hopefully won't be long." He releases her from the hug and runs a hand over his pale face, "I'm sorry, by the way. I did not want to worry you, I've just been... distracted."

Bella gives that pale cheek a kiss after Phaeton takes his hand away. "I know, Phaeton," she says, in a caring tone. She then makes her way over to Addison, after picking up that large bag again. Smiling at the girl, she says, "I brought you a few things, Addison. I hope you like them."

Duke Raziel shakes his head, slowly. "My bed," he says, quietly. "Some food. And some rest, would be sorely appreciated, I think." As the Knights help him to his feet, he leans on each, not trusting to his legs, yet. He gives a brief, tired smile to all those here, noting faces. Especially those of Addison, and Isinglass, beyond the other folk. To them, each, in especial, he gives a lingering thoughtful look.

"Then rest well, Your Grace," Mena murmurs toward Raziel with a small smile. "And.. it is /very/ good to have you back."

Addison's gaze is on Raziel as he looks at her, though she seems unable to continue looking for long. She drops her gaze to the ground as one might do when scolded, fingers twisting in the skirts of her dress. She does glance up at Bella to offer the woman a very faint smile as she murmurs, "I'm sure that I will love them, thank you.."

Bella glances over at Raziel as well, as she notices Addison's reaction to his gaze. She gives him a warm smile, then turns back to the young girl. "Come on, let's sit down for a minute. I'll show you what I brought for you, while I'm waiting for Phaeton," she says.

Rourke echoes from Mena, "It is -very- good to have you back. Unspeakably good. Rest, and we'll talk about it later." He exhales and looks to his wife. "We had best finish taking care of what we were going to."

Duke Raziel nods to Rourke, and Mena both, silently. He smiles, faintly at each of them. "Thank you," he says, earnestly. Then he murmurs, as he's lead away, "Miss Addison. Master Isinglass. I will expect each of you for dinner, tomorrow night." It's said with a smile, however. Then, he nods to the Knights. "Let's go."

The knights move with Raziel, providing the solid support he might need to get to his rooms.

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