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IC Timeline: 501 AG
January 2. First planned wedding date; Emperor doesn't show up.
At the first planned wedding date of Emperor Rourke Caprios to Philomena Forester, the wedding was set to start, and the Emperor didn't show up. He was nowhere to be found, but was later heard to have been off in the woods and 'forgotten' the day.

February 22. Merchant Guild Meeting.

Guildmistress Randalynne Moriarity calls a meeting of the Merchant Guild to discuss options to deal with price gouging by the head of the Factor's Guild, Barnaby Allen.
Log: 501-02-22 Merchant Guild Meeting

February 23. Imperial Wedding; Emperor shows up.

The Imperial Wedding between Rourke Caprios and Philomena Forester takes place, Imperial cousin Vincente Caprios presiding. Rumor has it that the cousin made up the ceremony on the spot. There was much rejoicing (and relief) that the ceremony was completed, especially with the slightly swollen stomach of the Empress.
Log: 501-02-23 The Imperial Wedding

March 18. Shipping comes to a halt in the Empire.

The results of the February Merchant Guild meeting are seen as the shipping in the Empire grinds to a halt, as all the sailors of the guild claim that they are too ill to sail.

March 21. Emperor calls a meeting of Council and addresses many issues, particularly the Merchant Guild strike.

A number of announcements are made at council, including Isolde stepping down from title and the upcoming execution of a criminal, but the most colorful event is the confrontation between the Merchant Guildmistress and the Factor's Guildmaster. This is the defining event where the Factor's guild was destroyed, and the famous quote where Barnaby Allen said that, if peasants could not afford a linen dress, "Let them wear silk."
Log: 501-03-21 Council with merchant guild issues

April 5. Execution of Snow and Attack by The People's Empire.

The demon-worshipping albino known as Snow is executed for high treason, his body ripped asunder by the currents under the Keeper's control.
After the execution, the smell of smoke wafts down to the beach. Knights and others rush back to the castle only to find the stables aflame. Sir Fenris and Marchioness Asha rescue the last people in the stables before the structure collapses. Afterwards, investigators find a silver tube with a raven feather and a note: first contact from The People's Empire, who demand that the nobility of the empire step down in favor of elected commoners and distribute their wealth to the people.

May 1. Assassination attempt on Duke Damien Barca.

A ruse set up by The People's Empire on Guardian draws Duke Damien Barca to a small mining town to inspect what appears to be a new gemstone. The truth of the matter - that the sample shown to the Duke was a plain stone illusioned to look otherwise - is revealed when the mine collapses with the Duke inside. A rescue party retrieves the Duke, but his mind and body are damaged, making it clear that he can no longer rule the isle.

June 8. Attack of the Blue Mage.

Gateway Isle comes under attack by various zombies under the command of the mysterious Blue Mage. Wounds from the zombies are deadly, killing the victim, if not excised or burned away. Legionnaires are brought from Guardian to combat the invaders.

July 30. Ascension of Asha Barca to Duchess of Guardian.

After making the traditional progress through the lands of Guardian and proving herself to her people in tests set by the lords and barons, and the ancient Tel Girade melee, Asha Barca returns to Gateway Isle and is confirmed as Duchess of Guardian by the Keeper.

August 5. Birth of Imperial Heirs.

Philomena Caprios delivers three (count 'em, three) children. The firstborn is a girl, Margaret Philomena Eleanor Jolene Caprios. The next a boy, Jordan Maximililan Vincente Phineas Caprios, and the youngest a girl, Firenza Philomena Rowan Aileana Caprios. Rumors that the Empress was taking fertility potions are publicly bandied about, mainly fueled because the Imperial cousin Vincente says it's the case.

August 7. Draught tower explodes.

Due to some careless play by the youngest of the Claremont children, there is a powerful explosion within the Draught tower of Gateway Castle, a piece of it landing upon the beach. Obviously, this lead to the closing, and eventual rebuilding, of the Draughtian tower. The Emperor makes them keep their labs outside of the castle from then on.

August 15. Capture of the head of the People's Empire.

The mage (known as Raven) apparently at the head of the destructive The People's Empire is captured by the efforts of Marcus Barca.

October 8. Duke Phineas Ashlan convicted of murder.

Phineas Ashlan is tried for the murder of Duke Newton Ashlan and Marquis Aaron Ashlan. He pleads guilty and is sentenced to twenty lashes with a heavy whip, being stripped of his title, and ten years of indentured servitude to his wife, Aileana. At the end of those ten years, the Emperor declared that the case would be reviewed and his title possibly returned. He is publicly stripped to the waist and takes the first three lashes there, before Rourke grants that the last seventeen may be in private.
There is a good deal of confusion about the event, as the only evidence of the crime was Phineas's confession. Some outrage came at the lightness of sentence, but the Emperor made the choice in accordance with the laws of Green Fields, where murderers are rarely killed. People also speculated that the ten-year review and possible reinstatement of his title was a sign of the influence of the Forester family.
Log: 501-10-08 The Ruling and carrying out of Phineas's punishment

November 13. Imperial Tourney interrupted by monster.

An Imperial knightly tourney is interrupted by the abrupt appearance of a flying monster, a protochimera. The knights end up fighting this. Some rumors say that the Mogur conjured it for the fight because he was finding the tourney boring.
Log: 501-11-13 Tourney Interrupted

November 18. First trip outside of the Barrier.

Emperor Rourke Caprios sends a mission to go to the Barrier and through it to explore the world beyond. The Imperial cousin Vincente Caprios stands as the Ambassador, and Admiral Hasdrubal commands the naval ships. The travelers are gone for several months.
Log: 501-11-18 The Emperor sends his fleet off

December 5. Attack of Jareth and Landry upon Gateway.

After being received through the Barrier and to Gateway with welcome because they are posing as nobles of Landry, the Pirate Jareth attacks the Emperor in open court. The Emperor is grievously wounded and Jareth destroyed, Jareth bursting into flames with his destruction. The Emperor remains in a state similar to a coma after the attack. The Emperor's health is not something the populace is notified of, but rumors do circulate. A private council meeting later discussed this.

December 9. Raziel is affirmed as Regent of Mists.

In a private meeting, the Empress informs the council that the Emperor is ill, and also affirms Raziel Devonshire as the Regent of Mists and his betrothal to Lady Meredith Ravensford, who is known to be pregnant with the child of Lazarus Karaganinas, the ducal figure stepping down. As the child was sired during a valid betrothal contract, it is decided it will be considered legitimate, and the heir to Mists.
Log: 501-12-09 Council Log

December 22. Sack of Landry.

With the Emperor incapacitated, Empress Philomena Caprios orders the navy to attack Landry. Under Admiral Hasdrubal, the pirate port is devastated and the population slaughtered to a man. Landry is declared part of the Empire, causing some consternation with Tyr.
Log: 501-12-17 The Empress is advised on retaliation
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