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IC Timeline: 500 AG
May 1-8. Celebration for the 500 year anniversary of the Champion's victory over demonkind.
Emperor Rourke Caprios started off the week-long celebration by welcoming the citizens to Gateway Isle, and hosting a dance/gather at the Plaza of the Keeper. The Duke of Draught entertained with a pyrotechnics presentation (they called them 'fireworks'!) and there was plenty to eat, thanks to the generosity of the Duke of Green Fields. One slight pall on the events was a cloud of malodorous smoke that was generated by a clay ball tossed beneath the Emperor's seat by none other than Dominic Claremont, the youngest son of the Duke of Draught! Thanks to the magic of the Mogur Imperius, the smell didn't last long. Some said that the youngest Claremont was just being a mischievous boy, though a few wondered if this could signal strife between the Imperial House and the Isle of Draught?
On the second evening of the Festival a Tournament was held in the Coliseum. Competing were Lady Asha Barca, Sir Ares Montegue, Sir Fenris the First Knight of the Empire, and Sir Airk Tighe. In the first round, Sir Fenris and Lady Asha ran the lists three times, but after Sir Fenris' injured horse stumbled and threw him, giving the First Knight a broken arm, Lady Asha advanced to the second round. Sir Ares was defeated by Sir Tighe in their first round, being unhorsed on the third pass. In the final round, both Sir Tighe and Lady Asha were unhorsed, leading to a spectacular battle by swords until Sir Tighe disarmed his opponent and Lady Asha yielded. Sir Tighe was named Tournament Champion, and also personal guard to the Emperor's sister, Princess Eleanor.
On the final day of celebration, citizens of the Isles gathered once again in the Coliseum, where the Duke of Mists performed a dazzling display of magic melded with music. Mages from the Isle of Mists, along with the Duke himself, made water and fire dance to the tune of 'Lady's Folly', one of the more popular current dance tunes in the village of Crossroads. There was some speculation as to why Duke Lazarus fled the field so soon after his well-received demonstration - could the Duke have been ill? The Emperor dispatched a Knight to check on the Duke but no formal announcement was made.
At the end of the Anniversary celebration, it was announced that the Emperor intended to call a Council Meeting in one month's time, and that all citizens will be allowed to view this meeting from the balconies above the Hall of Providence.

May 22. Vincente Caprios, the Emperor's Cousin, arrives from the Isle of Mists.

The son of Prince Valin, the former Keeper's brother, shows up at court from his meanderings.

July 2. Green Fields Tower hoedown.

During a party in the Green Fields tower, a rather scandalous incident of public sexuality occurs between Isolde Claremont and Philip Barca. The Green Fields heir and both guilty parties are severely chastised by the Keeper afterwards and rumors linger about it for a long, long time.

August 14. Defeat of rebel Dun Artan forces.

The guerilla forces who have been terrorizing the barony of Dun Artan are finally and decisively defeated by Aemon Stavros, who burns their bodies from the ramparts of Caer Cathartha. The victory comes too late, however, for Greydon Lachlan - betrothed of Marchioness Asha, who returned for revenge against the tribesmen after five years as their captive - and Eldrich Barca - Baron of Smithfield and brother to Duke Damien Barca, who ran after Greydon to keep him alive. The pair were ambushed and killed, along with their men, while planning the final assault.

September 22. Marchioness Aileana Ashlan weds Lord Phineas Forester.

After a betrothal agreed upon at the birth of Aileana Ashlan, the vows are finally exchanged soon after the young Lady's sixteenth birthday.

October 1. Duke Newton Ashlan of Green Fields dies.

An illness that seemed to be haunting the middle-aged Duke finally took its toll, leaving the title of Duchess to his daughter, Aileana, and the title Duke to her new husband, Phineas.

November 1. Emperor Rourke announces his intention to wed Lady Philomena Forester.

An Imperial debate rouses the nobles to discuss the need for the young Keeper to have heirs, among other things. Immediately after the debate concludes, the Emperor asks the family of Philomena Forester to allow him to pursue marriage to the youngest of their clan.
Log: 500-11-01 The Imperial Debate
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