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Pre-IC Timeline: 400-499 AG
400 AG. Prince Jonathan succeeds his father as Keeper.
At age 60, Emperor James passes away, yielding his life to pneumonia, and leaving his 30-year-old son, Jonathan, as Keeper.

402 AG. Emperor Jonathan marries Lady Roberta Soranus of Draught.

404 AG. Prince Corin Caprios is born.

405 AG.

The Merchants' Guild contracts with Green Fields, the Guildmaster taking the Duke's youngest daughter to wife, and becomes the premier trading force for the Empire.

415 AG.

The Merchants' Guild's power challenges that of the present Emperor, a quiet studious man more interested in his books than politics. Emperor Jonathan is content to allow the Dukes to run their lands autonomous of the Empire and he become a religious figurehead revered by the people, whose only responsibility is the security of the gateway.

417 AG. The Academy of Arts and History is founded on Gateway Isle by Emperor Jonathan Caprios.

418 AG. The College of Healing is founded in Amphorae on Draught.

420 AG. The Academy of Science is founded on Draught.

438 AG. Prince Corin succeeds his father as Emperor.

Emperor Jonathan Caprios passes away while reading late one night in his library, leaving his son, Emperor Corin Caprios, to claim the title at age 34.

440 AG. Emperor Corin weds and produces an heir.

Emperor Corin marries Lady Candace of Green Fields. Prince Maximilian Caprios is born eight months after the wedding.

444 AG. Prince Marcus Caprios is born.

446 AG. Prince Valin Caprios is born.

464 AG.

While the pair of younger princes are hiking in the forest after having escaped their guards, they are set upon by bandits and Marcus is killed. Valin is found wounded and clutching Marcus's body. In a fury of rage, Emperor Corin calls up troops from Guardians and rangers from Green Fields and has the entire forest searched to flush out the bandits. All twelve of them are executed by the power of the Keeper, dismembered by the currents. Prince Valin is considered to have never recovered mentally or emotionally from this event.

470 AG. Prince Maximilian succeeds his father as Emperor.

Emperor Corin Caprios dies during a grand feast, choking on a fish bone. Maximilian Caprios is crowned Emperor and Keeper at 30.

474 AG. Emperor Maximilian Caprios weds.

At age 34, Emperor Maximilian Caprios weds Lady Margaret, third daughter of a Green Fields baron.

477 AG. Princess Eleanor Rosemarie Danielle Margaret Caprios is born.

481 AG.

Word is sent to the court by a travelling Prince Valin that he has sired a son, Vincente.

483 AG. Prince Maximilian Rourke is born.

Prince Maximilian Rourke Thomas Sebastian Caprios is born. His mother loses her life in childbirth.

499 AG. Prince Rourke succeeds his father as Emperor.

At age 54, Emperor Maximilian Caprios is killed in a riding accident while his heir is still four years away from his full power.
Maximilian's son chooses to go by Rourke and is crowned Emperor and takes up the mantle of Keeper.
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