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Pre-IC Timeline: 200-299 AG
201 AG. The Emperor takes a new wife and a prince is born.
With no child from the union, Nicholas sets his wife aside, marrying the second born daughter of the Factor's Guild, Yolanda.
Prince Joshua Caprios is born to the couple.

207 AG. Princess Samantha Caprios is born.

212 AG. A powerful storm wrecks the docks at Green Fields. Food is tight in the Empire for several months while they are being rebuilt.

218 AG.

At Age 51, Emperor Nicholas is killed when he takes a fall from a horse while sparring in the coliseum, breaking his neck. Minions of the Lord of the Abyss escape the Gateway due to Emperor Joshua not having yet achieved his full power. The Isles of Guardians, Mists, Draught, and Green Fields join together to defend against the demons. The city of Crossroads is left in ruins from the attack. The Gateway is resealed and the young Keeper sits guard over it. Many people fear that, once again, a Keeper will be driven insane by the guardianship.
Emperor Joshua immediately is wed to Lady Michelene of Green Fields, the pair quickly producing a boy, Prince Montgomery Caprios. The Empress is lost in child birth, leaving the boy to be raised by his many great-aunts while the Emperor himself is preoccupied with keeping control of the Gateway.

220 AG.

Princess Samantha begins traveling between the isles and acting as a representative of her Emperor, who remains in constant vigil by the Portal. She shows great maturity and garners much love from all the isles, known affectionately in the Empire as The Little Princess.

228 AG.

The younger brother of the Duke of Mists, Lord Corban, tries to arrange a betrothal to Princess Samantha; but it is denied at her request to her brother so that she may remain unfettered and continue in her capacity of liaison between Emperor Joshua and the rest of the isles.

235 AG.

The only heir to the Keeper and Empire, Prince Montgomery, seems to have more interest in boys than girls and gossip abounds that the teenaged Prince has a male lover in the form of one of young Squire Victor of the Imperial Guard.
When the Emperor hears the rumors, he marries his son off to Lady Jolene Barca, hoping that the warrior maiden will straighten the boy out.

236 AG.

Emperor Joshua succumbs to death in his sleep while holding vigil at the Gateway. After the funeral, Princess Samantha finally weds Lord Corban of Mists and retires from Gateway.
The crowning of Emperor Montgomery takes place immediately and, whatever other concerns may be held about the Emperor, his control of the Gateway is strong and certain.
Empress Jolene Barca gives birth to Prince Robert Caprios, much to the relief of the people of the Empire.
The mark of this empire's reign surrounds the power and control of the Empress more than the Emperor, as Empress Jolene makes sure her son is ready to become Keeper upon his sire's death.

256 AG.

To the day of his birth, at exactly age 20, Prince Robert becomes Emperor amongst scandal and rumor that the Emperor was murdered by his own wife when found in bed with his knightly lover.
The Dowager Empress is pardoned by the new Emperor.

258 AG.

The Emperor's reign is marked with strength and, at age 22, he is wed to Lady Lisolde of Draught in a grand celebration that lasts for a week.

259 AG. Prince Tomas Caprios is born.

261 AG. Prince Michael Caprios is born.

265 AG. Princess Kendra Caprios is born.

280 AG.

Travelling on Mists, Prince Tomas is carousing in a tavern and, while intoxicated, tumbles a common illusionist and student at the Academy named Sansa. Later, she turns out to be with child.

281 AG. Prince Tomas weds.

Cassius is born to Sansa and, once the child is seen to be a son and therefore the next Keeper, Tomas and Sansa wed quickly and with little fanfare.

283 AG. Prince Lawrence is born to Sansa and Tomas.

284 AG. Prince Tomas succeeds his father as Emperor.

Emperor Robert dies at the age of 48 while sparring with his knights.
Emperor Tomas comes to power at age 25, having already taken a wife and produced two sons.

286 AG. Prince Lawrence is killed.

A demon escapes from the Gateway and kills Prince Lawrence. Bereaved, Empress Sansa returns to Mists and never sets foot on Gateway again.
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